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Halloween cat by Alina Kurbiel

It will soon be Halloween. At this time of year in the past I have looked for images of Jack o’ lantern and Will o’ the wisp, owls, cauldrons and skulls. This time I decided to choose some images of black cats, believed by some to be witches’ “familiar spirits” or animal guides. Click on each image to find out more about the source. (more…)

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Here is another selection of tree news articles from around the world. Click on each of the pictures if you would like to read the full stories.

The Great Green Wall of China


Since 1978, China has planted at least 66 billion trees across its arid northern territories, hoping to transform its sandy steppes and yellow dunes into a Great Green Wall, according to Wired…

Undoing the Viking devastation of Iceland


Thanks to Hollis for pointing out this one in the New York Times. A thousand years ago the Vikings razed all the forest in Iceland, but now the trees are being replanted…


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Girls reading, a painting by Henri Lebasque (1865-1937) (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Once upon a training course we were asked to think back to the earliest stories we could remember. Some people recalled true stories, some recalled fairy stories. When we revealed our most persistent memories we realised they seemed to say something about ourselves and what drives us. (more…)

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Autumn leaves on one of the elm trees


Another month has passed and the 100 disease-resistant elms, Ulmus ‘New Horizon’, in Cardiff’s Pontcanna Fields still seem very green.

There are signs of autumn if you look for them – although not the glorious orange hues I had been hoping for.

Quite a few leaves have turned lemon yellow, but we have had a windy few weeks, so most of these leaves are already on the ground all around the elm avenue. (more…)

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The tree-following link box has now closed for another month. To explore everyone’s updates, please go straight to the bottom of this post.

Why don’t you join us and follow a tree, too? You can start at any time and you don’t have to contribute every month if that’s too much of a commitment for you.

Autumn has started cool and wet here in Cardiff. As usual some trees have lost all their leaves already – such as the chestnuts and sycamores – and some appear unchanged.

On the night of September 12-13 Storm Aileen hit the UK. With 70mph winds it was nothing like as severe as the hurricanes that hit America and the Caribbean recently, but still warranted a name. (more…)

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