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My Acer shirasawanum aureum pictured in May 2010

I thought I had lost it last autumn, my golden full moon Japanese maple (Acer shirasawanum aureum). Instead of the leaves changing colour beautifully and dropping off, they suddenly went a horrible brown and just stayed there.


The leaves of my moon maple in November 2011


This is the way my moon maple should look in autumn - this was October 2010

My professional gardener friend thought (more…)

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Oh dear, feathers fly in the garden...

When I looked through the kitchen window yesterday morning I thought we must have had snow overnight and then it had melted, as there were blobs of white all over the ground.

Then I realised the blobs were white downy feathers. There had (more…)

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Market Square, Stow on the Wold - that church tower is St Edward's

Oh dear, I have been so busy lately that only now am I catching up with the pictures from my January jaunt to Stow on the Wold in north-east Gloucestershire.

Stow means “place”, or “holy place”, and wold just means “hill”. The settlement’s first name was St Edward’s Stow and the main church and town hall still bear his name.

The whole town is built of glorious golden (more…)

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Choisya ternata in full flower in the garden in January 2012

There is absolutely no doubt about it, my Choisya ternata should not have been in flower throughout January, but its blooming is a fact I can’t ignore.

We have had a very (more…)

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