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Rotting apples in the hollow trunk of a tree at Aberglasney

Although there was still lots of late-summer colour when we visited Aberglasney at the end of September, there was also lots of mellow fruitfulness and autumn decay. Here are a few snaps – and maybe you can identify those species that I can’t. (more…)

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Small tortoiseshell butterfly (Aglais urticae) on Verbena bonariensis at Aberglasney, late September 2015

It wasn’t that long ago that we visited Aberglasney House and Gardens in Carmarthenshire, but it now seems a whole season away. We last went in late September, when there were still so many flowers in bloom. So I am going to share them here. There were also signs of autumn change and decay, but I will put those in a second blog post. (more…)

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Icicles hang over the stone arch in this view from the Cloister Garden to the pool at Aberglasney

We love visiting Aberglasney Gardens in Carmarthenshire and it’s a bonus when the weather conditions are a bit out of the ordinary. A week ago, on probably the coldest day of winter so far, there was frost at dawn and to our delight it lasted all day, with the gardens glinting with icy diamonds everywhere. Here are some of my pictures – where I caption them “Mystery #1” etc, I invite you to help me to identify the plants!


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Low winter sun over the Cloister Garden at Aberglasney

I always try to visit Aberglasney House & Gardens in Carmarthenshire at least once in winter. This January it was just (more…)

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The back of Aberglasney House from Bishop Rudd's Walk, January 2011

All is resting in the garden at Aberglasney House in Carmarthenshire at this time of year, but still a great deal of interest remains for plant enthusiasts – as well as great home-cooked local food in the little Gardeners’ Cafe!

The brassicas in the kitchen garden (more…)

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