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Unidentified tree, Llandaff Fields, May 7

For now, I am calling this the winter tree. Because when I last visited Llandaff Fields a few weeks ago this was one of very few trees still struggling to break into leaf. Everywhere else the branches were clad in green – including a couple of earlier mystery trees, which I have now identified (see later in this post!).

I have no idea (more…)

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300 – a movie about angry Spartans – nothing to do with this blog post but I rather like Gerard Butler as Leonidas…

I’m not one for celebrating anniversaries or even birthdays, but I feel I must mark this, my 300th blog post. I can’t think of anything spectacular to do, so I will just use the opportunity to “do a retrospective” on some of my recurring themes, particularly for any new followers.


I spent ages messing about on the Wordle site – click on the image to go and play there yourself!

I began blogging in (more…)

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Oaks in leaf at last in Llandaff Fields, Cardiff, on May 7, 2014

You may recall that I have been waiting for the huge “oak” trees to come into leaf near the hornbeam I am following, so I could make a proper identification. I thought they were oak because of last year’s dead leaves in the vicinity, but to be honest these trees don’t look like (more…)

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The hornbeam I am following, pictured in the centre, on May 7, 2014


For still there are so many things that I have never seen:
in every wood in every spring there is a different green.

(from “I Sit and Think” by JRR Tolkien)

It’s that time again, for visiting “my” tree to give an update for Loose & Leafy’s tree-following project.

I feared I would miss the “female” flowers on the hornbeam, or not see them as the branches are so high up, so (more…)

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Antimacassar set for a doll’s house, from the Buttercup Miniatures site…

As a child I floated in a sea of wonderful words, many of which I don’t hear any more – so I am always delighted when I come across them in a crossword. One such is antimacassar, which I spotted again the other day.

We didn’t actually (more…)

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Pink cherry blossom…

Oh dear, Lucy Corrander has really started something for me this Spring with her tree following meme… I am “observing” trees everywhere I look now. Not that surprising, I suppose, when Cardiff does have so many – a lot of them dating back to Victorian and Edwardian times.

This time I am featuring some cherry trees (Prunus). I don’t know if it’s (more…)

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