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Rather fantastic Hooded Figure wood sculpture by Ed Elliott at Cardiff RHS Show 2013 – see http://www.edelliott.co.uk

At the weekend we made our annual visit to the Cardiff RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Show and this year the weather stayed fine. Here are some of my pictures and I will identify the suppliers’ websites where I can.

It was a very friendly show…


The friendly Bob the Butterfly and Gerry the Gerbera entertained…

We bought (more…)

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Face above the door, a Cardiff side street…

This magnificent face is above all the front doors of a row of old semi-detached houses in a small Cardiff side street that I often walk along.

He intrigues me so much that (more…)

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Native ivy (Hedera helix) on a wet ash-tree trunk in March…

The cold weather persists, so I feel there is still time to enjoy the ivy, which stays luxuriant and green throughout the snowiest of winters but is so often forgotten when nature is in full, colourful bloom in the warmer months.


Ivy in December…

There is wild native ivy on the trees in the wooded part of my garden, and several “cultivated” ivies in the tamer part, planted by myself over the years but (more…)

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Primroses beside the old canal at Pembrey in April 2006…

It’s April now, and icy as midwinter here in Wales. Spring’s growth has been set back a few weeks and my thoughts turn to an earlier and warmer Spring, when we walked beside the old canal at Pembrey, near Llanelli, Carmarthenshire.


Footpath beside the old canal at Pembrey…

These pictures were taken in (more…)

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