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Chris Beckett’s Dark Eden trilogy – the UK book covers – Dark Eden (pub 2012), Mother of Eden (2015) and Daughter of Eden (October 2016)

Sometimes I encounter SUCH a good book that I feel I must tell everyone to read it! This does not happen very often these days but I have just finished reading Chris Beckett’s Dark Eden trilogy on my Kindle, while riding on the bus to and from work. I couldn’t get enough of the world Beckett has created and polished off all three books in just over a month. (more…)

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The books I read in 2016 – click on the image to see a bigger version

I’m not a great believer in making resolutions on New Year’s Day – any day will do. So I have decided to “sign up” for the Reading Challenge on Shaz’s Jera’s Jamboree blog. It’s a way of getting out of your comfort zone of always reading the same sorts of books. (more…)

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Identifying your inner selves…


Five aspects of my personality…

It will soon be November, and November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), so for a change from my usual content I’d like to share this random writing exercise with you, as I found it very interesting when I tried it a decade ago.

I’ll say more about the source of the exercise later, but (more…)

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