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Tulips in Victoria Park in April

As usual I took some general pictures around Cardiff’s Victoria Park when I visited in April for the monthly Lombardy poplar tree following update. I found it was tulip time and the cherry trees were also in blossom. Here are the latest images… (more…)

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Edwardian drinking fountain in Cardiff’s Victoria Park

As I visit my favourite Lombardy poplar in Victoria Park every month for a tree following blog post, I am taking snapshots of everything else in the park on these trips as well. In these Covid times I don’t get out much. Here are my February snaps… (more…)

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Billy the Seal, a Cardiff character who lived in the pond in Victoria Park’s zoo from 1914 until 1939, when he died and it was discovered he was a she…

Somehow I have been so very busy during my four months working from home that I have had trouble keeping up with my blogging. I have also totally abandoned my initial idea of visiting a different Cardiff park every week. Here I am eventually sharing my pictures from Victoria Park, although I took them in late June.

I managed to clock up 5,500 “steps” walking to the park and back, so hopefully that will give you an idea of how close to home it is. For all that, I have only ever visited it twice before, and then only passing through without a camera. (more…)

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Charlotte potatoes reveal themselves

Many people have turned to a spot of gardening during the lockdown and I must admit that I just happened to have ordered some patio tubs and a potato growing kit long before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. As a child I had helped grow potatoes in the garden but never in containers. Here are some images of the results of my efforts… (more…)

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Persian bellflower (Campanula poscharskyana) in the garden in June

There are some splashes of colour in the garden this month as well as the ever-present green of the trees and shrubs, so I thought I would celebrate this. Here are some recent pictures… (more…)

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The view from my study window, looking left over a neighbour’s garden

In every wood in every spring
there is a different green.

[From JRR Tolkien: I sit beside the fire and think

Working from home I have had plenty of time to take in the view from the window above my desk. I am upstairs in my study and the steep, tree-clad garden slopes up in front of me. The view is very green. (more…)

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Marks & Spencer recently gave away ‘silly’ little seed pots…

During the coronavirus lockdown, despite still working full time at home, my attention has turned to growing things. Having neglected the garden for years I now have a bit more time and inclination to grow things in pots.

I have started in a small way with these free seeds from Marks & Spencer. Recently they were offering these Little Garden boxes – one free with every £20 spent in the food hall. Of course the scheme is mainly aimed at children, of which I have none, but I still thought I would have some fun myself with these things. (more…)

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Lesser celandine (Ficaria verna) in the garden

I cannot avoid mentioning real life now. I dare say most of us are in some kind of lockdown as the Covid-19 Coronavirus spreads in the UK. It all seems so surreal and here in Cardiff it still does not feel that close, although it must be out there somewhere, prowling the city streets and the supermarket shelves.

It looks like I am one of the lucky ones, working busily from home for the council Highways department, with laptop and mobile phone. It has been a week now and the novelty has not yet worn off. (more…)

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Appealing green bears on the Easigrass (artificial grass) stand at the Cardiff RHS Show

We usually go to the Cardiff RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Show but this year I had to go alone as the husband can’t walk very far at the moment. I went on the morning of Sunday, April 14, and the weather was bright but slightly cold – perfect for wandering around and taking a few pictures… (more…)

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Heuchera ‘Marmalade’

When we lost a huge ash tree in a storm last autumn (see here) it meant we also had to remove a a few big shrubs in order to clear away the tree’s remains. This left some open spaces so we took the opportunity in spring to plant a few new perennials to fill the gaps.

I have been taking snaps of these – and a few older flowers, over the last month or so, and here they are… (more…)

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