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A single leaf of Persian ironwood (Parrotia persica) clings to a twig in the garden

Today is the last day of November and tomorrow we start the three cold months of winter. Throughout these last few weeks the colour has gradually been draining from the garden, as viewed from my desk window. Here are some highlights… (more…)

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The characteristic leaves of the tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) in Cardiff’s Victoria Park


Autumn has reached South Wales but not all the trees change colour at once. I fear I will have to visit the tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) in Cardiff’s Victoria Park again before next month or I might miss its full orange glory.

This week, with the weather still changeable, I went to see it on a pleasant blue-sky morning – and there was already a need to wear a warm jacket.

Here are the photos from my visit… (more…)

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Looking up at the tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) in Victoria Park

On my November visit to Cardiff’s Victoria Park two trees particularly caught my attention for their autumn colour, so I thought I would give them a blog post of their own. (more…)

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Fallen maple leaves in Victoria Park

As usual I took some general photos of Victoria Park when I visited for the monthly tree-following inspection of my Lombardy poplar. I have not seen such excellent autumn colour for years. For the last couple of months we have had mostly mild weather and a mixture of sunshine and rain, with no early frosts. This must have been favourable for the display.

Here are my latest pictures – although I have also saved a couple of particularly good trees for a separate blog post… (more…)

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A grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) among fallen chestnut leaves in Victoria Park, Cardiff

Autumn is well under way in Cardiff’s Victoria Park and the trees have come into their own. Meanwhile the parks staff have cleared out all of the flower beds to prepare them for next spring. What a difference from the colourful displays of September (see my previous post here). These are my October images… (more…)

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The blue BayBus – a long bendy bus – heading down Lloyd George Avenue towards Cardiff Bay

It is now nearly a year since I started working in Cardiff Bay and every day my bus ride takes me down Lloyd George Avenue, a broad, mile-long road linking the city centre and the bay.

For many months I had been meaning to walk the tree-lined avenue but it is only now in autumn that I have finally made the effort – hoping to identify the trees before the last leaves fall and identification becomes difficult again.


The red pin marks the middle of Lloyd George Avenue – click on the image to explore – with thanks to Google Maps


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The seasons turn – and this abandoned bicycle wheel among the fallen leaves of my little leaf linden (Tilia cordata) on The Wharf (former East Bute Dock) seems an appropriate image


We are in late Autumn here in Cardiff and the small-leaved linden (a cultivar of Tilia cordata) next to the Wharf in Cardiff Bay has lost nearly all of its golden leaves, although in other parts of the city and on other trees, such as ash, maple and hornbeam, there is still a great deal of colour.

I took these pictures on November 3 during an overcast lunchtime in the middle of a spell of very wet weather last week, which will be continuing into next week.

This time my visit was not part of my long monthly circuit of the Wharf but just a quick foray specifically to visit the linden. (more…)

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Low autumn sun on the faces of this little fleabane (Pulicaria dysenterica) beside the Wharf

As you will have noticed, I can’t get enough of the plants, both wild and tamed, that grow around the Wharf (former East Bute Dock) in Cardiff Bay alongside my current workplace in County Hall.

Here are my latest discoveries, from a walk around the Wharf around 2pm on October 3, with the sun already low in the sky as the days grow shorter.


A long view of the Wharf from the northern end


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Golden leaves on the little-leaf linden (Tilia cordata) beside the Wharf on October 3 – slightly speckled with brown damage and with a few leaves still green against the blue sky


We are in the middle of Autumn here in Cardiff and the small-leaved linden (a cultivar of Tilia cordata) next to the Wharf in Cardiff Bay is shedding its golden leaves.

I took these pictures on October 3 during a clear and cold spell, but this weekend we have been hit by the wind and rain of Storm Callum so I doubt if many leaves now remain.

This month I again walked anticlockwise around the Wharf and took distant views of my linden and its neighbours before I reached them. (more…)

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Red leaves on a shrub beside the Wharf in Cardiff Bay – my first thought is Viburnum bodnantense but I really don’t know…

During my monthly walk around the Wharf (old East Bute Dock) in Cardiff Bay on September 4 I saw plenty of colourful leaves and flowers as well as the seeds and berries featured in my previous blog post. Here are some of the pictures I took… (more…)

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