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Romance – or at least interest – between a fox and magpie…

I was pleased with this capture of a garden fox (almost) kissing a magpie, so thought I would post it here.

I took the photo in the early morning sun the other day and I had to lean sideways at full stretch, pointing my camera through a small landing window to get the shot, which shows the fox in a neighbour’s garden.


Another shot of the magpie sneaking up on the fox from behind, taken before the other picture…

The magpie was running around the fox, almost taunting it.

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Oh dear, feathers fly in the garden...

When I looked through the kitchen window yesterday morning I thought we must have had snow overnight and then it had melted, as there were blobs of white all over the ground.

Then I realised the blobs were white downy feathers. There had (more…)

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A pair of urban foxes in a neighbour's garden

OK, I know it’s “a frog he would a-wooing go” in the old song, but I couldn’t think of anything else as a title for these pictures of a pair of urban foxes in a neighbour’s garden, basking in the morning sunlight after a wet few days. They look so devoted to each other.


If I had to guess, I would say the one lying down (left) is the female and the other is a male fox...

I don’t worry about (more…)

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Foxy shows his (her) face again…


A fox in a neighbour's garden this week...

I was quite pleased with this picture I snapped of a fox in a neighbour’s garden, so I thought I would share it…

Here’s a link to a whole blog post I wrote last year about Living with Urban Foxes

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A fox in the neighbour's garden...

We live in a part of the city on the edge of a park and our back gardens have some wild, wooded areas, so it’s not surprising we often see urban foxes around. These are of the red fox species, Vulpes vulpes.

I have to admit that (more…)

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