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Fresh growth on one of the 100 elms in Pontcanna Fields, Cardiff


A month ago we were coming to the end of a mini-heatwave, but now I can hardly remember a day without rain this summer. It’s very cool for August, too.

I visited the 100 disease-resistant elms, Ulmus ‘New Horizon’, in Pontcanna Fields one morning this week and drizzle was threatening.

The recent wet weather means the elms are looking as green as ever and not much has changed since last month. (more…)

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Dead branches on a sycamore in my garden


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Here in Cardiff there have been very heavy showers for a few weeks and it’s hard to believe it’s the height of summer. But at least it’s good for the garden. That means the dead branches I can see on a self-seeded sycamore tree (Acer pseudoplatanus) in the garden are nothing to do with drought. (more…)

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