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Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) in the garden today

I forgot that we had snowdrops in the garden but they were revealed yesterday after we cleared away fallen twigs and debris following winter wind and rain.

We now have four clumps, all apparently spread by seeds from the original group.

A bit out of focus, but there were soft raindrops on the flowers after earlier drizzle

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A single leaf of Persian ironwood (Parrotia persica) clings to a twig in the garden

Today is the last day of November and tomorrow we start the three cold months of winter. Throughout these last few weeks the colour has gradually been draining from the garden, as viewed from my desk window. Here are some highlights… (more…)

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A splash of colour in a streetside garden – Chaenomeles or flowering quince

You can smell this from a great distance – the wonderful Sarcococca confusa or Christmas box

Another strongly-scented flower – Daphne in my own garden

A long-lasting winter favourite that always looks old-fashioned to me – Viburnum tinus in a streetside garden

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Fallen maple leaves in Victoria Park

As usual I took some general photos of Victoria Park when I visited for the monthly tree-following inspection of my Lombardy poplar. I have not seen such excellent autumn colour for years. For the last couple of months we have had mostly mild weather and a mixture of sunshine and rain, with no early frosts. This must have been favourable for the display.

Here are my latest pictures – although I have also saved a couple of particularly good trees for a separate blog post… (more…)

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A grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) among fallen chestnut leaves in Victoria Park, Cardiff

Autumn is well under way in Cardiff’s Victoria Park and the trees have come into their own. Meanwhile the parks staff have cleared out all of the flower beds to prepare them for next spring. What a difference from the colourful displays of September (see my previous post here). These are my October images… (more…)

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Sunflower in Thompson’s Park

There was still plenty of colour on offer in my local Cardiff parks – Victoria Park and Thompson’s Park – as September ushered out a meteorologically disappointing summer. Here are some of my pictures… (more…)

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The Rudbeckias are among the stars of the herbaceous borders in Bute Park at the moment

I had not visited the usually wonderful herbaceous borders at the city end of Bute Park in Cardiff since well before the Covid-19 lockdown. I was working far away down in Cardiff Bay for a couple of years and then when I was forced to base myself at home the park seemed too far to walk. I have become lazy and until recently buses seemed too much of an infection risk. (more…)

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Raindrops on “daisies” in Victoria Park

It’s time for another monthly visit to Victoria Park in Cardiff. In June all the flower beds were bare, in July they were full of colour, but in August the flowers are already fading. Here are my latest snaps… (more…)

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Everywhere in Victoria Park this month were daisy-type flowers – this was in the narrow bed near the ice-cream shack and I think it is a beautiful Rudbeckia

Another month, another view of Victoria Park in Cardiff. In June all the flower beds were bare with brown earth ready to be planted. Just a month later they are full of colour. Here are my latest snaps…

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The bandstand in Victoria park, Cardiff, in June 2021

Once again I took some general views of Victoria Park when I went this month to visit the Lombardy poplar I am following.

April in Cardiff was dry, May was wet and June has been changeable. But it’s good for the garden. What is also good is that our council Parks department staff have been in everyday non-emergency action again. Since last month they have cleared out all the dead tulips and fancy daisies (Bellis perennis ‘Bellissima’?) and the flower beds are ready for summer bedding plants. They will probably be a bit late but everyone here thinks summer is late this year anyway, because of a cold and wet May.

Here are my pictures… (more…)

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