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Snail among Hydrangea petals...

Hydrangeas are usually glorious in late summer (July/August) here in South Wales, but this year has been disappointing.

I guess it has been the combination of weather over the last few months – short hot, dry spells and longer cool, wet spells.


Definitely mould on this Hydrangea in August...

The very (more…)

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The smart grenadier of Wimborne Minster

This little man in a red coat is easily overlooked but I spotted him on a recent trip to Wimborne, a lovely little East Dorset market town I used to visit a lot as a child, since my grandfather lived there.

The town lies where the rivers Stour and Allen meet and its full name is Wimborne Minster – minster meaning an important church, although the word originally came from the Latin word for monastery. More pictures and a bit of history further down this post…

But to return to the little man (more…)

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A small white egg shell I found on the lawn this morning...

This morning I thought there was a small puff-ball fungus on the lawn, but it turned out to be this white egg shell, round-end up when I first saw it.

Knowing nothing, I first guessed (more…)

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Caterpillars of the cabbage white butterfly (Pieris brassicae) on a juicy nasturtium leaf...

I haven’t the heart to kill caterpillars, although I usually expect the garden birds to help out a bit!

At the moment (more…)

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Kingston Lacy, near Wimborne, Dorset

Kingston Lacy, near Wimborne in East Dorset, has a bit of an ancestral connection for me, although sadly not with the wealthy Bankes family, who owned the great house for more than 300 years.

My 3-great grandfather was a woodman here in the 19th century. For this reason I have put a gallery of Kingston Lacy pictures in my blog’s “ancestral places” section and this is just a short post to point to it.


Agapanthus on a sunny August day in the garden at Kingston Lacy

Today Kingston Lacy is run by the National Trust.

Please click here to come with me on a walk through the gardens on a very hot and bright August day.

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A pair of magnificent Honda Goldwings…

I am just back from a stay in Poole, Dorset, and have many scenic pictures to share, but I thought I would throw in this little post about the Tuesday night motorbike get-togethers on Poole Quay.


Bike night on Poole Quay, with Brownsea Island in the background…

The events are held from April until (more…)

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The approach to Badbury Rings, near Wimborne in East Dorset, in August 2011

Last week (August 1) I was in Dorset and without any planning in advance I found myself going for a walk around the Iron Age hill-fort of Badbury Rings.


Agrimony at Badbury Rings

As well as its archaeological value, the area is home to a dozen or so orchids – not (more…)

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