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The view from my window – with Photoshop stained glass filter…

This post is just a bit of playing around with Photoshop, really. I’ve had Photoshop CS3 for years but still love messing about with the “filters” options. They are such an easy way of creating a special effect with no artistic talent whatsoever!

As the basis for these experiments I used this image of (more…)

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This seagull was interested in the crow’s meal…

I don’t usually do short posts, but I just wanted to share this picture, as it was such a surprise.

On Sunday I heard a crow making a lot of noise, so grabbed my camera with a longish lens and went to find out what all the fuss was about. All I could see was the crow on a neighbour’s roof, with some scavenged food. So I pointed the lens through the window and snapped, just hoping to get a reasonable portrait.

I swear that as I pressed the button, the seagull wasn’t there, or even on my radar, but I saw a flurry of wings as it went click!

So that’s why the crow was making so much noise…

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Skibbereen, west Cork, Ireland, in 1995…

A couple of posts ago I shared my pictures of the colourful streets of Aberaeron in West Wales. At the time I mentioned that brightly-painted buildings are also a feature of coastal towns in the west of Ireland.

I haven’t been there for a while, but (more…)

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I always thought Vincent van Gogh’s cypress trees looked flame-shaped – so I’ve corrected the colour…

Trees are green, right? So I suppose it’s not surprising that people have taken notice when a tree is red. And many times on different continents they have likened it to fire. So here I am going to look at the various flame trees and burning bushes…


Fire and water – my Euonymus alatus leaves after rain this week…

I’ll tell you what got me thinking about this – it was my Euonymus alatus – also (more…)

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Colourful shops in Aberaeron…

In my last post I shared my pictures of Llanerchaeron, high up on the River Aeron in Ceredigion, Mid-West Wales. This time it’s the pretty little town at the mouth of the same river – Aberaeron.

Like some other (more…)

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Colourful nasturtiums in the garden at Llanerchaeron, Ceredigion, on a wet day in August 2012…

It’s November already and I still haven’t finished sharing my holiday snaps from August! On a wet day (and there were many) we visited the National Trust property at Llanerchaeron, in Ceredigion near the middle of Wales’s west coast.

The property at Llanerchaeron is a late 18th-century Welsh gentry estate – with a house, outbuildings, walled gardens and a small farm. The house is described as a villa, although that makes me think of a Roman country house, or a glamorous holiday home on the Mediterranean, or even a small town house in Edwardian times.


The villa, designed by John Nash, at Llanerchaeron

This one was (more…)

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