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This beautiful swan and its reflection is available as a fine art print from Fotoviva – click on the image…

I think it’s time we looked at another iconic bird, this time the swan. You may already have seen my earlier posts on the design appeal of penguins and peacocks and owls.

What makes a swan? It’s big, usually (more…)

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Time for an update on Cotoneaster, full-moon maple, Euphorbia and starling…

It’s time to follow through on a few things I mentioned in earlier gardening/nature blog posts, so here goes. The headings are (more…)

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Cardiff Central railway station mosaics, in Welsh and English

On most days I pass these two small green and gold mosaics on a concrete wall alongside Cardiff Central Railway Station. I feel sure that most people don’t notice them, as they are in such a grotty, neglected corner. But they catch my eye.

The railway station is (more…)

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Morning and Evening Star by Alphonse Mucha, 1902

I find it hard to believe that I have only just put two and two together and worked out why Venus is always the morning or evening star!

I expect you know already, but if you think about it, as Venus is closer to the sun than we are, it’s always (more…)

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