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Here is another selection of tree news articles from around the world. Click on each of the pictures if you would like to read the full stories.

Wildfires ravage south of France


Southern areas of France have been ravaged by wildfire over the past few days and Business Insider has some spectacular pictures…

Golf trophy made from Game of Thrones trees


This year’s Northern Ireland Open trophy has been made from trees from the famous Dark Hedges in Ballymoney blown down in a storm early last year, says BBC Sport…


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Elms in Pontcanna Fields, Cardiff, on July 10


This month for a change I visited the 100 disease-resistant elms, Ulmus ‘New Horizon’, in Pontcanna Fields in the early evening, having usually made it a morning date.

This was after a few weeks of very dry, sunny weather, so I was pleased to see that the trees were all still very green and healthy.

Over the next 24 hours we had thoroughly soaking rain, so hopefully that has also topped up their resources. (more…)

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Fruits on a young hornbeam tree (Carpinus betulus) outside Cardiff and Vale College in Dumballs Road, Cardiff


The monthly tree-following link box has now closed for another month. To explore everyone’s updates, please go straight to the bottom of this post.

Why don’t you join us and follow a tree, too? You can start at any time and you don’t have to contribute every month if that’s too much of a commitment for you.

Here in Cardiff it has been sunny for a few weeks with the occasional day of light, drizzly rain and, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am currently spending a lot of time in a different part of Cardiff, studying for a month at Cardiff and Vale College in Dumballs Road, in the Bay area. (more…)

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Cardiff and Vale College in Dumballs Road, Cardiff Bay

I think I had better explain why I haven’t published a blog post for over a week! Last Monday I started an intensive four-week course at Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC) and have had even less spare time than I expected. I will still be publishing the tree-following link box on July 7 and I hope to share some monthly tree news from all over the world, but if there is not much else you will know why.

Having been made redundant from newspapers twice in the last two years, I am now embarking on a new career, even though I am past what used to be a woman’s retirement age. (more…)

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