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Dead leaves in Thompson’s Park on Boxing Day

It has been a while since I walked around Thompson’s Park, the nearest of Cardiff’s small parks to my home. But Boxing Day was a rare day of sunshine and showers in an otherwise very wet and murky festive period, so I thought I would get some fresh air.

As usual at this time of year there were still a few observations of interest. Here are my photos… (more…)

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Pink magnolia in Thompson’s Park

I recently visited my nearest green space in Cardiff, Thompson’s Park, to see how spring was coming along. The magnolia trees were in bloom, the grassy bank was full of daffodils and the parks people had planted primulas in the flower bed. Here are my snaps… (more…)

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Sunflower in Thompson’s Park

There was still plenty of colour on offer in my local Cardiff parks – Victoria Park and Thompson’s Park – as September ushered out a meteorologically disappointing summer. Here are some of my pictures… (more…)

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Young beech leaves in Thompson’s Park, Cardiff

I visit my nearest green space, Thompson’s Park in Canton, Cardiff, at least once a month. It has a small lower garden with a duck pond and an upper field surrounded by trees, currently at their spring best. Here are my latest pictures:

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Daffodils in Thompson’s Park

Monday was St David’s Day – the national day of Wales – and it is not complete without daffodils so I went to Thompson’s Park to see what I could find. Here are my pictures from a half-hour afternoon walk in early spring sunshine… (more…)

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Thompson’s Park in Cardiff on New Year’s Day – people gathered near the duck pond

One of my New Year resolutions in this time of lockdown was to get out more, walk most days and get some sunshine. At least I started well on New Year’s Day with a walk around Thompson’s Park. It’s a favourite of mine so I suppose none of these images show anything new.

In these Covid days I do try to avoid people so find myself straying from the pathways to distance myself and holding my breath as I pass if I can’t. I don’t suppose I was surprised that people gathered dangerously together near the duck pond in the lower part of the park. (more…)

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Beech trees in Thompson’s Park, with Romilly Road beyond the park railings

Firstly, my apologies for being slightly inactive on the blog recently and not responding to comments in a timely manner.

I remain very busy working full-time from home and caring for my husband – still in agony and immobile as he waits for the urgent hip replacement operation cancelled in March thanks to the first Covid-19 lockdown.

And to top it all I have fallen out of love with WordPress and its new Block Editor, which I can’t get to work even if I use a different browser as recommended by one of the WordPress experts. I also couldn’t work out how to continue using Classic Editor until Mike Rogers (of Flighty’s Plot) kindly pointed out a little arrow in the admin panel that I hadn’t noticed. Thanks so much! (more…)

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Magnolia bloom in Thompson’s Park, Cardiff

I started the Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown a fortnight ago with the intention of visiting a park every week for some exercise, but already I am slacking. So far I have visited only one – Thompson’s Park.

It is our nearest park but I hadn’t walked through it for a few years, since I started working down in Cardiff Bay. There was a time when I visited it monthly, and here are my images from those days. (more…)

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Frosted oak leaves on January 3, 2017


Before I turn my attention to a new tree to follow in 2017, I am looking back with fondness at the old oak (Quercus robur) I have followed throughout 2016 in Thompson’s Park, Cardiff.

I visited again on a frosty day last week but now it’s winter there is not going to be much change until it starts the annual cycle again in spring.

The only new observation was this spent firework from the New Year’s Eve festivities…


Firework shell under the oak on January 3, 2017

So here is a comparison of how the tree looked as the months passed in 2016. (more…)

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Lush leaf of bear’s breeches (Acanthus mollis) in December

At the beginning of 2016 I promised myself I would keep an eye on Thompson’s Park in Cardiff as the seasons changed through the year, so I have just enough time before Christmas to fit in a snapshot of the park as we pass from late autumn into early winter.

I took these pictures on November 25 and December 9 and in just a fortnight almost the last of the autumn leaves fell. Some berries and seeds remain and there are a few winter blossoms. Please let me know if I have misidentified anything… (more…)

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