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Frosted oak leaves on January 3, 2017


Before I turn my attention to a new tree to follow in 2017, I am looking back with fondness at the old oak (Quercus robur) I have followed throughout 2016 in Thompson’s Park, Cardiff.

I visited again on a frosty day last week but now it’s winter there is not going to be much change until it starts the annual cycle again in spring.

The only new observation was this spent firework from the New Year’s Eve festivities…


Firework shell under the oak on January 3, 2017

So here is a comparison of how the tree looked as the months passed in 2016. (more…)

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The hornbeam on August 9, seen from the hedgerow…


I knew August could be a bit “boring” for the hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) I am following. But it was an assignation I had to make for the sake of Lucy Corrander’s Tree Following project, even though it was a rushed job on a Saturday morning when we had just returned from a couple of weeks away on holiday and I was in the middle of doing the laundry.

It was a rush partly because (more…)

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A sprig of hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)…


On my June visit to the old hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) in Llandaff Fields I hoped to see the developing fruits, but I knew they would be high up in the branches, so in advance I picked one from the much smaller roadside hornbeam I pass on the way to work.

Then I chose the one dry day of the week (again – it has rained a lot lately) to visit the fields (more…)

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Lily after rain…

At last, we have had a wetter spell of weather after the heatwave. Listen here to Rain Rain Rain Beautiful Rain sung by Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

The plants have (more…)

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Can you tell what it is yet? Image from Wikimedia Commons – click to go to the source…

In the recent heatwave in the UK the house windows have been open most of the time and we have been sitting in the garden more often. But can it be that I haven’t noticed these disconcerting noises of summer in previous years?

They began a few weeks ago when the warmer weather arrived after a miserable, cool June. I started to hear a buzzing and it became more frequent. I thought we might have a wasps’ nest under the house eaves or in the soffits. I shut the bathroom window in the middle of the night so the husband wouldn’t notice it, trying to delay the moment when he found out and we had to get someone in to solve the problem. What a hassle that was going to be…

But as we sat out in the yard more we realised (more…)

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Wet pelargonium in the garden in summer 2012 – more plant pictures later in this post…

As anyone living in the UK will tell you, it has been one awful summer – cold for the time of year and wet, wet, wet.

Although March and May were dry, June and July have been so bad that (more…)

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View of Strumble Head Lighthouse, Pembrokeshire, from the car park...

I think this is the last post from my summer vacation and it’s a quick visit to Strumble Head, a rocky (more…)

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View from a top-floor bedroom at the Warpool Court Hotel, St David's, with Skomer Island in the distance. Must go over to the island to see the puffins one day...

In August we stayed at the Warpool Court Hotel in St David’s, Pembrokeshire, for a few days. Not cheap and not modern but with great food, great character and amazing views!

This post is (more…)

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Kingston Lacy, near Wimborne, Dorset

Kingston Lacy, near Wimborne in East Dorset, has a bit of an ancestral connection for me, although sadly not with the wealthy Bankes family, who owned the great house for more than 300 years.

My 3-great grandfather was a woodman here in the 19th century. For this reason I have put a gallery of Kingston Lacy pictures in my blog’s “ancestral places” section and this is just a short post to point to it.


Agapanthus on a sunny August day in the garden at Kingston Lacy

Today Kingston Lacy is run by the National Trust.

Please click here to come with me on a walk through the gardens on a very hot and bright August day.

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The approach to Badbury Rings, near Wimborne in East Dorset, in August 2011

Last week (August 1) I was in Dorset and without any planning in advance I found myself going for a walk around the Iron Age hill-fort of Badbury Rings.


Agrimony at Badbury Rings

As well as its archaeological value, the area is home to a dozen or so orchids – not (more…)

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