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Institutional blue reappearing on a green-painted fence, March 2, 2013…

The above is an iPhone snapshot and this is just a short post to launch my 2013 gallery, which you can see here.

But it’s also to ask if anyone else out there recognises this turquoise colour as “institutional blue”. A couple of decades ago it seemed (more…)

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Euphorbia after recent rain…

It has been a while since I have written about my garden, so this is a catch-up. Although I gloried in one spring day in February, since then we have gone back to winter. We had (more…)

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My old iron…

The other day, when I was in the middle of ironing, all the electrical power went off in the house. I assumed it was a power cut and checked with neighbours. I was surprised to find it affected only our house.

I turned the power-supply trip-switches off and back on. Nothing. I switched off the lights, radio, iron, etc and tried again, realising I had missed one of the trip-switches the first time. Hooray! Let there be light!

I switched the iron back on. Bang! Everything went again. But (more…)

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A little lock-up in Bridge Street, Usk…

The small town of Usk has several blue plaques placed by the civic society but I hadn’t spotted this one before. Which is strange, as (more…)

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