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Strangely yellow Buddleia davidii leaves among stonecrop (possibly Sedum acre) beside the Wharf

I am thoroughly enjoying my lunchtime explorations of a new habitat this year – the Wharf (the old East Bute Dock) next to Cardiff’s County Hall in the Bay. As spring arrives there are so many little wild plants coming to life on the stone and concrete surfaces around the water, making do with whatever nutrients there are in hollows and cracks (or nooks and crannies, if you prefer the cliché). In some ways these little beauties remind me of those found in an alpine habitat. (more…)

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Robin (Erithacus rubecula) at Dunraven on Christmas Day 2016

When it’s fine on Christmas Day we often go to Dunraven Castle at Southerndown in the Vale of Glamorgan to eat pâté and pickle sandwiches in the walled garden – our main meal of roast beef and Brussels sprouts is in the evening. This year the weather was good, with a cold, brisk wind that kept the cloudy sky interesting. (more…)

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Yellow lichen and broken red rock on the wall of Porthcawl Pier

This time last year I took lots of pictures of Porthcawl on the Glamorgan coast, one of my favourite places, but somehow I never got around to “processing” the photographs and blogging about them. Now I have put together many Porthcawl pictures into a gallery or two, but I decided to pick out in particular the images of lichen and rock on the pier. (more…)

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The start of the Millennium Wetlands at WWT Llanelli…

I did say I would share some more pictures from the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Llanelli, a couple of weeks ago when I showed you the birds themselves.

These images are from the wild area of the estuary, beyond the grounds where (more…)

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Gravestones at the Church of the Holy Cross, Mwnt, Ceredigion

Although I haven’t yet finished showing you all my pictures from Dorset this summer, we also visited West Wales, so I thought I’d start sharing those memories, too.

First up is Mwnt, a little place on the coast of south Ceredigion, four miles or so from the county town of Cardigan and not far from the Pembrokeshire border.

It is most famous for (more…)

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View from a top-floor bedroom at the Warpool Court Hotel, St David's, with Skomer Island in the distance. Must go over to the island to see the puffins one day...

In August we stayed at the Warpool Court Hotel in St David’s, Pembrokeshire, for a few days. Not cheap and not modern but with great food, great character and amazing views!

This post is (more…)

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A male blackbird (Turdus merula) on bare ash twigs in early December...

Well, at last I come to the end of my nature journey through 2010. I have been revisiting the little green wildlife book that accompanied my childhood and trying to tick off the plants and animals featured in its monthly sketchbook pages.

The book is “Wild Life Through the Year” by Richard Morse and it was published in 1942. You can read about earlier months here.

Well, it has given me a focus and made me open my eyes to the nature around me again after all these years…

December 2010 in South Wales has been very cold, with snow that is not usually expected this early in the winter. This has made it (more…)

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