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Great crested grebe (Podiceps cristatus) on the Wharf in Cardiff Bay

There was not a lot to see on my latest walk around the Wharf (former Bute East Dock) in Cardiff Bay – at least in terms of vegetation. I found that someone had hacked back most of the bushes and perennials on the far side from my office in County Hall. Even the gorse I had looked forward to seeing in its golden glory had gone.

But there were some small pleasures. These pictures were taken on January 17… (more…)

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I caught sight of the Moon through the branches of my new tree-following subject when I visited at lunchtime on February 11


At last, my decision has been made. After much dithering I have chosen the London plane in Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay, as my tree-following subject for 2019. The Latin name is either Platanus × acerifolia or Platanus × hispanica.

Will the tree still be standing at the end of the year? Who knows? There is so much change going on in this area that you can never be too sure. The day before I visited to take these pictures I saw a smaller street tree nearby was being cut back to a stump. (more…)

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Ivy on the shiny bark of a cherry tree (Prunus) in January 2019


The tree-following link box has now closed for another month. To explore everyone’s updates, please go straight to the bottom of this post.

If you are new to tree following, read all about the idea here.

It’s not like a new year resolution. you can start at any time. So why not join us? Point us to any tree-related post you would like to share, using the link box published on the 7th of each month and lasting for a week.

In Cardiff it has been a frosty month but there have been wet weeks and one night snow fell an inch thick on the ground – although it had melted away again by the middle of the next day.

Some tree followers have already chosen their subject for 2019, while some have yet to decide. Here are their all-important links…

Erika Groth in Sweden – aspens

Frances at Island Threads, off the North West coast of Scotland – hawthorn

Flighty’s Plot – Liz’s witch hazel in Lexington, Kentucky, and Mike’s apple tree

Anima Monday – Austin’s Treaty Oak

Alison at the Blackberry Garden – cold Quince

Pat – Squirrelbasket – London plane

Hollis (In the Company of Plants and Rocks) – searching for the right tree on the University of Wyoming campus

Andrew – Kind Hearts and Corydalis – oak

We always love to read your tree news – so thank you to everyone who contributed this month. See you all again on March 7. Why not join us and follow a tree throughout the year? Although we all try to publish every month, we are very forgiving if you post less often.

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