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A baby starling (Sturnus vulgaris) on the bird table in May 2012…

Over the last few years, since I have been feeding the garden birds in summer as well as winter, we have had a bunch of starlings visiting, just for a month or two.

This year the first one arrived on April 27 and soon there were about seven of them. I know (more…)

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A starling on a neighbour's roof this week...

Last year the local starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) spent their summer holiday in our garden with their kids, feeding on raisins and fat.


A pale young starling in the garden last year...

It was a novelty at the time, as we don’t often see these rainbow ragamuffins in our garden, so I even wrote an illustrated blog post about it: Ruffians in star-spangled jackets

This week they are back, but (more…)

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Lovely image of a starling from the Arkwildlife.co.uk website

I have never really liked starlings, but I have to admit I am taking an interest now they have moved into our garden for the breeding season, making lightning raids for raisins from the bird table.

They are so annoying for the amateur photographer, too, as they make a racket, arrive to do their quick thieving and then dash off again before you can even get your camera out. Thus the (more…)

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