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Another snowy interlude…


Grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) in the Cardiff snow yesterday

The so-called “Beast from the East” returned briefly to South Wales yesterday, but it won’t stop me going to work today – although it’s freezing cold. The snow didn’t stick to the damp streets and the biting north-easterly wind soon blew the snow from the branches of trees and shrubs.

I can never resist taking pictures through the kitchen window in such weather, so here are just a few snaps… (more…)

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Tail of a grey squirrel, February 2013…

This is a common view from my kitchen sink – the bird table is right outside the window and the grey squirrels (Latin name Sciurus carolinensis) like to dangle from it to eat peanuts or sunflower seeds out of the bird feeders. Sometimes they just hug the feeder and suck, so they get through an awful lot of the birds’ food.

They are rodents and some people call them “tree rats” and I think the above picture shows (more…)

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