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Upton House in Poole, Dorset – now the setting for a small country park

My childhood holidays in the late 1950s and 1960s were spent in Upton, a suburb on the northern edge of Poole in Dorset. My mother was born in Poole and Upton was where her mother and sister still lived in those days.

But Upton House was unknown to me until a few years ago, as it was in private hands. In fact my cousin now tells me that when she was little the local lady of the Upton manor would go around distributing largesse to poor families like ours!

In this blog post I intended just to show the pictures I took of the lovely flowers in the walled garden and some of the wildfowl you can see from the shore at the bottom of the garden, but (more…)

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A pair of magnificent Honda Goldwings…

I am just back from a stay in Poole, Dorset, and have many scenic pictures to share, but I thought I would throw in this little post about the Tuesday night motorbike get-togethers on Poole Quay.


Bike night on Poole Quay, with Brownsea Island in the background…

The events are held from April until (more…)

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The beautiful stained-glass window by Sarianne Durie in Scaplen’s Court Museum, Poole, Dorset

I’ve no idea of the title of this stained-glass window by Sarianne Durie in an upstairs room at Scaplen’s Court, Poole, Dorset, but I love it. I see the sea, and shells, sails, and maybe old buildings and the bones of whales…

I place it here simply as an introduction to my blog gallery page showing images of one of my favourite places in the world – the old town in Poole, where many of my mother’s ancestors lived and worked through several centuries.

Click here to see more:
Poole Old Town in pictures

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The Queen Galadriel at Poole Quay last night (August 11, 2010)

This is an unusual blog post for me, as I am not a particularly nautical person. Having said that, my brother was in the Royal Navy and I have ancestors who were fishermen.

I have been in Poole, Dorset, on holiday for the past few days, and will (more…)

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