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View of Strumble Head Lighthouse, Pembrokeshire, from the car park...

I think this is the last post from my summer vacation and it’s a quick visit to Strumble Head, a rocky (more…)

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View from a top-floor bedroom at the Warpool Court Hotel, St David's, with Skomer Island in the distance. Must go over to the island to see the puffins one day...

In August we stayed at the Warpool Court Hotel in St David’s, Pembrokeshire, for a few days. Not cheap and not modern but with great food, great character and amazing views!

This post is (more…)

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View of St David's Cathedral, Pembrokeshire, from the gatehouse

In August we visited St David’s in the far west of Pembrokeshire and here are my pictures of the wonderful cathedral.

It is believed that it was built on the site of the monastery of St David, Abbot of Menevia, who died in the year 589.

Construction of the cathedral started in 1181, although it has been altered a lot since then, and in the early 14th century Bishop Gower built the nearby bishop’s palace, now a picturesque ruin.


Ruins of the 14th century bishop's palace, St David's, Pembrokeshire

You can (more…)

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