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Pelargonium, April 16, 2011

I was so pleased with this picture of a pelargonium that I decided to give it its own blog post. It’s so wonderful and velvety.

Serendipitously, when I googled “red velvet” to find a suitable image to go with it, I discovered something I had never heard of – “red velvet cake”. It seems to be something common in the USA and Canada but not here in the UK.

Here are some recipes


Red velvet cake - click on the image for another recipe, from How Sweet It Is...

And here’s another image of the pelargonium (sometimes known as an old-style geranium).


Another view of the pelargonium...

For more of my flower pictures, click here.


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To me Bird's was always the make for custard and blancmange powders


Squelchy green jelly - or jello, if you are American

I was thinking back to childhood birthday parties with “jelly and ice-cream”. Then I thought further back and remembered we didn’t have a fridge, let alone a freezer or ice-box. No, we used to have “jelly and blancmange”.

The jelly was ever present when I was a child. We made it every (more…)

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