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Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) on December 7, 2014


In under a fortnight it will be the shortest day of the year here in the northern hemisphere. Never before have I followed the changing seasons so closely – and it’s all thanks to Lucy Corrander and her Loose & Leafy tree following project.

This post features pictures from two visits to the hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) in Llandaff Fields, Cardiff, on the morning of our first frost on November 24 and on December 7. (more…)

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River Wye in full flow at Hay-on-Wye

Who knows where the time goes? I can’t believe it’s already February. I haven’t finished with January yet! In fact I haven’t even finished with Christmas. (more…)

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The start of the Millennium Wetlands at WWT Llanelli…

I did say I would share some more pictures from the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Llanelli, a couple of weeks ago when I showed you the birds themselves.

These images are from the wild area of the estuary, beyond the grounds where (more…)

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Dunraven in December


The Jurassic cliffs of the Glamorgan coast, seen from Southerndown

It has been a stormy couple of weeks in the UK, but there have been beautifully fine days in between. Christmas Day was one of them, so we went for a walk at Southerndown on Glamorgan’s Jurassic Coast. This area is officially called Dunraven Bay and it (more…)

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Liquidambar leaves on the frosty lawn…

It has been a long, slow autumn. Usually it is sharp and sweet between September and November, but this year some autumn colour has remained long into December. I guess it’s because we haven’t had enough hard frost yet.

Eventually the last ash leaf (more…)

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Native ivy (Hedera helix) on a wet ash-tree trunk in March…

The cold weather persists, so I feel there is still time to enjoy the ivy, which stays luxuriant and green throughout the snowiest of winters but is so often forgotten when nature is in full, colourful bloom in the warmer months.


Ivy in December…

There is wild native ivy on the trees in the wooded part of my garden, and several “cultivated” ivies in the tamer part, planted by myself over the years but (more…)

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Lemon yellow flowers of Mahonia – this is a later flowering variety, while my others flower in early winter…

Suddenly it’s February and the gradual lengthening of the days has become noticeable at last.

Recently we have had rain and hail and sleet and snow and gales. But yesterday for once we had clear blue skies and the temperature felt almost balmy at 6 degrees Celsius. Just for one day it felt like Spring was on its way.

The sunshine makes (more…)

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