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This cute bee looks like it has huge eyes and long lashes…

At the end of July we visited Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens, just before we went to Abbotsbury Swannery, in a village near Weymouth in Dorset. Here (more…)

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Swan parent and child – with big feet and no feathers to hide them under…

I had heard of Abbotsbury Swannery years ago but had no idea what part of the country it was in. So I was surprised to find (from various Dorset bloggers) that it was near Weymouth and within reach of my annual visit to Poole.

I had visualised the place as a little abbey with a handful of swans in a pond or moat alongside – but how wrong I was! (more…)

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Admiralty Park, Holton Heath…

There’s a great novel called Ursula Under by Ingrid Hill, “a daring saga of culture, history, and heredity”. A little girl falls down a mineshaft and we learn of all her wonderful ancestors who were born thanks to minor miracles that brought their parents together or saved them from early death. By quirks of fate does our personal DNA come together.

Obviously I would not be here today if my parents had not met. So in a way I owe my existence to World War II and specifically to the manufacture of explosives by the Royal Navy…

My father was from South Wales, my mother from South Dorset. What could possibly (more…)

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Swanning about in Swanage…


Street lamps in Swanage – not sure if the design is dolphins or fishes – and the paintwork is much damaged by the salty air…

One of our favourite trips is on the Swanage Railway from the Norden park-and-ride to Swanage and back. You can also break your journey at Corfe Castle, which is only two minutes from the Norden end.

You can see our 2010 trip to Corfe here, but this time (more…)

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Pots of Pennisetum villosum or feathertop grass for sale at Knoll Gardens in Dorset…

While spending a few days in Dorset recently we discovered Knoll Gardens, at Hampreston, between Wimborne Minster and Ferndown, run by plantsman Neil Lucas. See the website here.

I found the place when (more…)

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Weymouth: Over the bridge


Punch & Judy theatre on the beach in Weymouth, August 2013…

It is over a year now since we first visited Weymouth in Dorset – at the time of the Olympic Games, when the sailing events were staged there. I blogged about it at the time.

We decided to go back there this year to see what it would be like on a normal summer’s day, knowing this time it would be (more…)

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Feral pigeon (Columba livia) on the shore in Poole – with wing colour not too different from the original wild rock dove type…

I have just come back from a few days in Dorset (mostly Poole) and will no doubt share my snapshots with you over the next few weeks – or months!

But as a bit of a bridge between the last post about feral pigeons and my holiday excursions, here are some (more…)

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