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Liquidambar leaves on the frosty lawn…

It has been a long, slow autumn. Usually it is sharp and sweet between September and November, but this year some autumn colour has remained long into December. I guess it’s because we haven’t had enough hard frost yet.

Eventually the last ash leaf (more…)

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Grey wagtail on the roof, November 14, 2013…

There is definitely something in the air. Although so many trees are still green, the weather has suddenly become colder and drier. I knew something had changed when (more…)

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Chrome yellow Mahonia flowers through a wet window…

It’s time to catch up with the garden. October and November in South Wales have been very wet and often windy. While areas farther south in England suffered in the St Jude’s Day storms a week ago, our big gales (more…)

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Misty hammock webs on Euonymus…

I am interrupting my summer holiday picture blog posts to take note of the September weather here in South Wales. There is a nip in the air and yesterday autumn lived up to its reputation as the season of “mists and mellow fruitfulness”.

I couldn’t have told you until I looked it up, but that line is (more…)

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I always thought Vincent van Gogh’s cypress trees looked flame-shaped – so I’ve corrected the colour…

Trees are green, right? So I suppose it’s not surprising that people have taken notice when a tree is red. And many times on different continents they have likened it to fire. So here I am going to look at the various flame trees and burning bushes…


Fire and water – my Euonymus alatus leaves after rain this week…

I’ll tell you what got me thinking about this – it was my Euonymus alatus – also (more…)

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Sunny Rudbeckia Tiger Eye Gold, still in its pot, having been bought in August…

Although I still have a couple of summer trips from Dorset and West Wales left to share, I thought it was time to put on record what has been going on in my own garden, too.

This time last year we were having a heatwave in the UK, but this September has (more…)

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Beside the River Taff in Cardiff, November 30, 2011

Last Wednesday there was a national strike of public-sector workers in the UK, which meant no Cardiff buses.

But it was a lovely crisp, sunny morning, so I walked to work along the bank of the River Taff and took these pictures of some (more…)

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