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My hornbeam in late February…


I didn’t plan to post another Loose and Leafy tree following update so soon after the last, but I got the urge to go and visit my hornbeam again and the resulting pictures don’t warrant a major posting, so I will get it off my chest before moving on to a “proper” visit on another day.

I had been slightly worried that the tree might be felled, after spotting men with chainsaws on my last visit to Llandaff Fields… (more…)

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The tree I am following, pictured this week…


Well, I hoped this tree-following lark with Loose and Leafy would be educational – and I have already been gobsmacked on just my second visit to the “random” tree I chose in Llandaff Fields, Cardiff.

In my first bulletin, I foolishly said I thought it was a European beech (Fagus sylvatica). Oh, how wrong I was!

Fearing I might (more…)

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The tree I intend to follow – which I think might be a beech…


There you go, I’ve revealed what species I think it is – the tree I intend to follow. I believe it to be a European beech, Latin name Fagus sylvaticus (meaning “beech of the forest”). Although of course I could be wrong!

I told how I found this tree in Llandaff Fields, Cardiff, in my last blog post, “First find your tree“.

So here I will mainly just show you photographs (lots) of (more…)

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Which tree to choose?


Nature has a spring in its step this week – and so do I, thanks to Lucy Corrander over at Loose and Leafy, who is coordinating a “tree following” project over the next year. Last time I looked, she already had more than 50 people joining in – and I have decided to sign up, too.

This isn’t my first OFFICIAL post for that project, this is about how I located THE tree I have decided to follow…

My first thought (more…)

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My ash trees in June…

Sing Oak, and Ash, and Thorn good sirs,
All on a midsummer’s morn.
Surely we sing of no little thing
In Oak, and Ash, and Thorn.

My back garden – my world – is full of ash trees. And I fear for them, as the threat (more…)

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I always thought Vincent van Gogh’s cypress trees looked flame-shaped – so I’ve corrected the colour…

Trees are green, right? So I suppose it’s not surprising that people have taken notice when a tree is red. And many times on different continents they have likened it to fire. So here I am going to look at the various flame trees and burning bushes…


Fire and water – my Euonymus alatus leaves after rain this week…

I’ll tell you what got me thinking about this – it was my Euonymus alatus – also (more…)

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My Acer shirasawanum aureum pictured in May 2010

I thought I had lost it last autumn, my golden full moon Japanese maple (Acer shirasawanum aureum). Instead of the leaves changing colour beautifully and dropping off, they suddenly went a horrible brown and just stayed there.


The leaves of my moon maple in November 2011


This is the way my moon maple should look in autumn - this was October 2010

My professional gardener friend thought (more…)

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Beside the River Taff in Cardiff, November 30, 2011

Last Wednesday there was a national strike of public-sector workers in the UK, which meant no Cardiff buses.

But it was a lovely crisp, sunny morning, so I walked to work along the bank of the River Taff and took these pictures of some (more…)

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Fallen leaves from the backyard - sycamore on the left and field maple on the right...

Sycamore or maple? I have always had trouble identifying these trees, but hadn’t thought of tackling my ignorance until I read a recent Lucy Corrander blog post – as she also seems to have the same problem.

So bad is my confusion that (more…)

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This picture of my Liquidambar was taken using my iPhone camera after rain - not a bad shot, really...

This year the grey November is lit up by three of my favourite plants, all coinciding in time thanks to the mixed-up weather we have these days.

Don’t ask me (more…)

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